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Ayan Montessori Institute project of Saach Consultants ® & Pakistan Montessori Society which is a registered training firm with Registrar of Firm, Islamabad under Registration no. RD/F/303. AYAN Montessori Institute was established in 2010 with slogan :Groom Teachers - Groom New Generation", It is also accredited by SDC, Lahore, Punjab, Ministry of Federal education & Professional Training, Governmnet of Pakistan, with r...
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AYAN Montessori Institute
AYAN Montessori Institute
Lane no.2, Quaid-i-Azam Colony Dhamial Camp, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Contacts:  0321-5211174, 0336-8211998 (what'

Principal Message

Groom Teachers - Groom New Generation

Respected Sir / Madam

This is well known fact that well trained Teachers can play vital role in grooming our new generation.  

That is why we are striving for imparting quality training to the teachers so that they can become capable to play their role effectively

This task cannot be accomplished without realization and endeavors by all of the stakeholders of our society. 

So I request all stakeholders like


Private Schools


Well off people of our society

to extend helping hands and play their vital role in enabling all individuals who are having intention and capable to utilize their maximum potential to groom the generations to come.

I am proud of the fact that AYAN Montessori Institute is trying to impart quality and affordable training to teachers throughout Pakistan and making a remarkable contribution for quality adult education in Pakistan.
We welcome and hope full that all stakeholders will join hands with us in seeking and promoting true Montessori education system of Dr. Maria Montessori in Pakistan which is need of the hour

I believe that IF we join hands today we will bring change tomorrow. 

Sincerely yours,

Mohammad Qamar-ul-Hasan Joya

Director / CEO

 Dated: 10-07-2017
Admission OPEN in Campus Based / Regular "Montesso...
 Dated: 10-07-2017
20 Days Montessori /ECE Teacher Training Workshop Start...